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ESAD – Escola Superior de Artes e Design

Founded in 1989, the Matosinhos School of Art and Design (ESAD) is a private institute that has come to represent the highest standards of quality in art and design education, research and allied activities.

The aim of the school is to educate and prepare students with an understanding of the role of design and the arts in contemporary society, equipping them with the capacity to make critical interventions at national and international levels, furnishing them with the highest levels of creative, innovative, critical and technological skills and knowledge.

From its inception ESAD has stood for high quality teaching and has always promoted the idea that schools, as well as bestowing academic qualifications, must assume the role of educational bodies in the fullest meaning, being as they are platforms of communication between the public, industry and the market.

We continue to develop its ambitious mission – to educate, to advance, to innovate – guided by a spirit in which the promotion of design and the arts is done with a watchful eye on the changing reality in which the school exists, and a determination to continually develop and improve that reality.


The courses run by ESAD offer a plurality of study routes so as to meet the needs and requirements of students in the fulfilment of their ambitions. The flexibility of academic pathways provides added value, particularly in relation to the greater number of training stages that are offered. At BA level ESAD offers courses in Communication, Interior, Fashion, Product and Jewellery design, and in Digital Arts & Multimedia.
 At MA level in Communication, Interior, and Product designhttp://www.esad.pt/en/cursos

International Links

Promotion of European citizenship, intercultural relations in the area of Art and Design, and the possibility of students attending foreign universities for a period of between 3 months and one year are all aims promoted by ESAD, whether it is under the erasmus program or as a result of bilateral agreements. esad is proud to state that we attract a high number of foreign students (around 10% of esad’s students in 2009/2010) and that we are visited every year by many foreign teachers who hold workshops, speak at conferences or are otherwise in touch with the teaching staff in each area.

ESAD has today around 70 partnerships with foreign universities, creating a vast range of choices which are available to students in their 2nd and 3rd years of their degree courses and also to students in the second stage of studies (Masters). We seek to enable students who finish their course to take up work placements in foreign companies, under the Leonardo program, and has for this purpose established a partnership with AGGEI – Porto. To enable students in the second stage of studies to frequent part or full-time study placements, esad also makes great efforts to create partnerships and agreements with foreign universities and companies. www.esad.pt/en/internacional

The school currently has exchanges in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Romania, Switzerland, Turkey, Brazil, Canada, and Russia.